Frequently asked questions

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    Where are the sessions held?
    The recording sessions are all held at The Beach Studio in London. Unlike many other gift days, this is a fully commercial studios.
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    How long do they last?
    A Singsational party will last for 2 hours.
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    Can I take a friend(s) with me?
    Parties are for up to 8 singers but we can accommodate up to 10 at an extra fee. The parties are for groups of Age 7+
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    How do I choose a song ?
    When you decide to book the party/session we will ask you for up to 2 songs of your choice.
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    Can I bring an instrument ?
    Singsational parties and demo sessions are for vocals only.
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    What will I get at the end of the party?
    The finished tracks and party photos will be given to every member of the party on an exclusive Singsational Slap-On Wristband USB Stick. For each additional or replacement band, there will be a £5 charge.